Please Pray for the missions work of all of our missionaries!

Latin America Mission (LAM), 5465 Northwest 36th St. Miami Springs, FL 33166


LAM serves 42 nations around the world, including 15 in Latin America.

LAM partners with over 85 churches and para church organizations in Latin America

that form leaders, establish churches, practice mercy and justice, and mobilize for

global missions.

The Center for Intercultural Training is a pre-field missionary training center based in

western North Carolina and is part of LAM's missionary training program.


OC International (Larry and Stephanie Kraft)

5801 North Union Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO

719- 592-9292

Contributions help generate ministry opportunities around the world, impact mission workers and their global work, and provide a means for the International Mobilization Center to function. It is an interdenominational faith mission with more than 500 missionaries. OC is evangelism, discipleship, leadership training, church growth, missions and support services.


First Presbyterian Church

701 Beach Drive NE, St. Petersburg, Florida 33701-2618 | Phone: (727) 822 - 2031 | e-mail: office@fpc-stpete.org