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The Mission Committee of First Presbyterian Church acknowledges that a cornerstone of our faith is caring service to others. The purpose of the Mission Committee is to provide financial support and opportunities for volunteer efforts through a focused program of service primarily locally but also regionally and abroad. The committee also encourages individual members of the congregation in their particular passion for giving of their time and funds. 


The Mission Committee of First Presbyterian Church makes annual recommendations of monetary support to the Session that ultimately approves the amount that comes from both endowment accounts and the current church budget. The Mission Committee has 7 to 9 members and the Chair of the Committee is a member of Session. The group meets mostly monthly to determine expenditures, monitor uses of funds, encourage service by congregational members, and communicate activities of mission organizations and opportunities to serve. 


In determining the allocation of funds, the committee considers the budget available, mission of our denomination, needs of the community, benefit value, effectiveness of monies used, as well as the needs of the organization. 


For further information about each of these organizations and to learn of their needs for volunteer and funds please click on the designated web sites links in the Mission drop-down menu. 


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