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 March 25, 2017

Life Together at the Foot of the Cross - Discerning the Will of God for Inclusion of our LGBTQ Brothers and Sisters in Christ in Christian ministry


Join Robin Lyle in Fellowship Hall at 10am for a new Bible-based, scripturally-focused study of what the scriptures say about the LGBT community and their inclusion in ministry and sacraments. In this class, Robin will talk about his faith journey and what led him to a new and deeper understanding of the Bible and scripture. Refreshments will be served.


Here's the schedule (all classes in Fellowship Hall at 10:00am):


April 23 - Study 1: The overarching message of scripture throughout the Bible

May 7    - Study 2: Reflections of Scriptural Interpretation 

May 14  - Study 3: Understanding the Scripture - New Testament

May 21  - Study 4: Understanding the Scripture - Old Testament

May 28  - No Class - One Worship Service at 10:00 to celebrate 50th Anniversary of the Sanctuary

June 4   - Wrap up: What the PC(USA) and the Book of Order say about inclusion of the LGBT community -

                Rev. Dr. Will Browne

Study Guide: click here=> Life Together at the Foot of the Cross

The Study Guide is organized according to the schedule. It will be helpful to review the appropriate section before coming to class but certainly not mandatory. Week 1-4, covered in the Study Guide, will be led by Robin Lyle. Week 5 will be led by Rev. Dr. Will Browne who will bring it all together with what the PC(USA) and the Book of Order say. 

We hope you will join this very important Bible Study and discussion. When the Session went through this a few months ago, it was eye-opening, insightful and profound in so many ways. Please be a part of this opportunity to grow deeper in our faith and our understaning of Scripture. You will find very high-level summary below. 

Coffee & donuts will be served. 

When: Per the schedule above at 10:00 a.m. 

Where: Fellowship Hall (Directly below the sanctuary; entrance from Northshore parking lot)


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