Faith Community Nursing


DESCRIPTION: Working under the guidance of the Pastoral Care Action Team (PCAT), Faith Community Nursing serves as a health ministry in partnership with St. Anthony’s Hospital and our congregation to promote health and wholeness by addressing the emotional, physical and spiritual needs of the congregation.  Faith Community Nurses (Parish Nurses) are pastorally called, spiritually mature, and licensed registered nurses. 

Please take advantage of the blood pressure screening that takes place several times a month at all of the services. The nurses doing this screening are part of Faith Community Nursing (FCN) - a partnership with BayCare Health System and its member hospitals and is a volunteer program.  The program is made up of FPC members and friends and the highlest level of confidentiality is observed.          


  1. Complete a FCN orientation course at St. Anthony’s Hospital.
  2. Health Educator
  3. Health Counselor
  4. Advocate
  5. Resource liaison
  6. Attend monthly education meetings at St. Anthony’s Hospital
  7. Monthly bulletin board at FPC


  • Corinna Harshaw (727-631-4344)
  • Barbara Holden (678-333-4135)
  • Jarryd Lunger (330-429-0548)
  • Jessie Bardin Sereda (727-418-8276)
  • Adrienne Wilson (727-644-6357)
  • Joan Lamb (727-642-8939)


Faith Community Nursing promotes healthy living through education and preventon.  Click the images below for more information on a variety of healthy living subjects.



Congregational Health Promoters

Sign up for the Congregational Health Promoters Workshop being held at St. Anthony's Hospital on June 23rd. Click here for details. This workshop is for the non-medical person who wants to be a part of Faith Community Nursing. 



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