Faith Community Nursing


DESCRIPTION: Working under the guidance of the Pastoral Care Action Team (PCAT), Faith Community Nursing serves as a health ministry in partnership with St. Anthony’s Hospital and our congregation to promote health and wholeness by addressing the emotional, physical and spiritual needs of the congregation.  Faith Community Nurses (Parish Nurses) are pastorally called, spiritually mature, and licensed registered nurses.            


  1. Complete a FCN orientation course at St. Anthony’s Hospital.
  2. Health Educator
  3. Health Counselor
  4. Advocate
  5. Resource liaison
  6. Attend monthly education meetings at St. Anthony’s Hospital
  7. Monthly bulletin board at FPC

Constituency—members and friends of FPC

Confidentiality—High, HIPAA guidelines


  • Corinna Harshaw (727-631-4344)
  • Jarryd Lunger (330-429-0548)
  • Carol O’Shea (727-526-9903)
  • Jessie Bardin Sereda (727-418-8276)
  • Adrienne Wilson (727-644-6357)
  • Joan Lamb (727-642-8939)




First Presbyterian Church

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