Pastoral Care Action Team (PCAT)

1.     Description — Members of the congregation recruited by the pastor for mission to households (one person or more) who have experienced an event or events which threaten their security, stability, and well-being, and who have asked for help. Examples of such events: the onset of a debilitating illness, a severe accident, or significant individual or family distress.

2.     Duties:
    a.     Research the demographics of the congregation in terms of general health of mind and body
    b.     Gather resources likely to provide benefit to physical, mental, and spiritual well-being
    c.     Identify families or folks facing threats to their well-being
    d.     Notify the church staff and/or Stephen Ministry of the needs
    e.     Respond to needs presented by pastors, deacons, Stephen ministers and Faith Community Nurses

3.     Constituency — all members of FPC, focusing on one or two issues at a time until the situation is resolved or determined to be beyond FPC’s capacity to help.

4.     Confidentiality — moderate to high

The Pastoral Care Action Team members:

Carlen Maddux
Cliff Smith
Will Browne
Evelyn Moorefield
Ginger McCoy
Marie Huber
Pat Shiflett
Tony McCoy

John Sims

First Presbyterian Church

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