Life Together at the Foot of the Cross - Discerning the Will of God for Inclusion of our LGBTQ Brothers and Sisters in Christ in Christian ministry


This class is a new Bible-based, scripturally-focused study of what the scriptures say

about the LGBT community and their inclusion in ministry and sacraments. In this class, Robin Lyle talks about his faith journey and what led him to a new and deeper understanding of the Bible and scripture.  


The class was a 5-week series in the Spring of 2017. Stay tuned for plans to re-run this class and for potential new classes where we all expore how to better understand our walk in Christian

Faith. If you have questions/comments, please feel free to contact Robin


Study Guide: click here=> Life Together at the Foot of the Cross

When the Session went through this in early 2017, it was eye-opening, insightful and profound in so many ways. We thank Robin Lyle for making this same opportunity available to the congregation of FPC such that we can all grow deeper in our faith and our understanding of the Scriptures. 



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